About us

PRODENT team offers all types of services and treatments connected with oral cavity health. In virtual walk through PRODENT dental practice we wish to introduce you to all the services we provide, our equipment and materials we use to achieve quality results in dentistry today. Our team of experts and personnel insures our patients highly professional dental services up to the newest standards.
We invest constantly in education and knowledge, equipment and materials, and we incessantly follow development of science and technology. We always aim to the same goal no matter the nature of the procedure – respecting the right of our patients to be informed about the procedure and the possible alternatives, achieving the quality of our work, and to results that are both functional and aesthetic.

Igor Poljak, dr.med.dent.

Born in Split in 1978. He enrolled in 1997 at Rijeka University of dentistry where he graduated from in 2004. After he finished his internship, he began working in private dental practices. He does all the procedures of conservative and prosthetic treatments, especially concentrating on the field of esthetic dentistry. He participated in number of surgical congresses and is perfected in surgical interventions. He continues to improve himself by participating in congresses and seminars, and is following all the new scientific and technological improvements in dentistry.

Dr. Bojan Tomić, DDS

Graduated at Zagreb University of dentistry with highest marks in 1992. After graduation he worked in Friedrichafen, Germany and he continued to improve his knowledge in field of prosthetic dentistry, implantology and parodontology by completing various courses, seminars in Croatia and mostly abroad in mentioned fields.He is a member of Croatian Dental Chamber, Croatian Medical Association, Croatian Society of Dental Implantology, Croatian Society for Education in dental implantology. Also is mentor of Nobel Biocare Mentor team, and is certified and graduated Master Implantology Program at UCLA (California LA University)