Dental implants

Teeth loss is very common and appears under the influence of various pathogenic agents like cavities, gum disease, tooth trauma or ageing. No matter which reason has caused tooth loss, tooth must be replaced and dental implants are the best functional and aesthetic therapy in dentistry today.

What is a tooth implant?

Implant is placed within the bone of the jaw. It is made from high quality material titanium that is biocompatible with our own tissue, and it replaces our tooth or more of our teeth.
Implants even replace teeth roots and are used for placing the future crowns, that is for your future teeth.
By method of osseointegration ( a structural and functional connection between bone and implant) the stability of the implant is ensured.

Who is a candidate for implants?

Every person missing his or hers natural teeth, no matter the age is a candidate for implant. Implants are also a possible solution for difficult or uncomfortable  removable prosthesis. Implants are not recommended in the cases of advanced osteoporosis, diabetes, chemotherapy, various types of psychoses.
Implants are successfull in more than 98% of cases due to advanced science and technonology.
An important factor for the success of implants are regular controls (1-2 times a year) and regular oral hygiene.

What is the process?

Before the therapy our team will analyze  an x ray of you jaw to estimate the quality of bone tissue, and will further establish the health of the oral cavity.  On the base of these factors it is possible to approach the therapy in two ways:
Classical way or immediate way (placing the prosthetic supplement right after placing the implant).

Classical way of placing the implant:

  1. placing the implant
  2. period of implant fixation
  3. placing the prosthetic supplement

Period of implant fixation (osseointegration) in maxilla lasts 4-6 months, and in mandible 2-3 months.

Immediate placing of the implant:

1.placing the implant
2. placing the prosthetic supplement

This implant therapy requires adequate conditions such as good ora hygiene, adequate bone volume and general good health.

What are the advantages of implant therapy?


After placing the implant it functions as a natural tooth – not as other prosthetic where irritation and inflammation of surrounding tissue is possible.Dental implant therapy has no side effect. By placing implants, one or more, the rest of natural teeth remain intact.


Implants and matching prosthetics are no different from the surounding natural teeth in its color, form and natural translucence. We achieve it by using special techniques and all ceramics materials which enable the best imitation of your natural teeth.